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Moisture Pans

Disposable aluminum moisture balance pan liners. Moisture pans compatible generic weighing drying aluminum pans for most moisture balances. Made from oil free aluminum. Even temperature across each pan. They have multiple uses with liquid and solid samples including weighing, drying and moisture determination. Inexpensive disposable aluminum foil dishes with crimped sides and a flat smooth bottom are great for moisture testing, wastewater and many other applications.

The 26008 is our most popular moisture analyzer pan since it fits so many of the moisture analyzers in use today at wastewater plants, food production plants and plastic factories. This moisture pan weighs approximately 2.5 grams, 4" diameter and 5/16" depth and is packaged 50 moisture pans to a pack and 10 packs to a case.

Our aftermarket 26008 moisture pan fits Adam Equipment AMB Series, Adamlab PMB202, Adam PMB53, Ohaus Moisture Analyzers models MB23, Ohaus MB25, Ohaus MB35, Ohaus MB45, Mettler Toledo MJ33 Infrared Moisture Analyzer, Mettler-Toledo HB43-S Halogen Moisture Tester, MettlerToledo HG63 Series Halogen Moisture Analyzers, Metler HR83 Series Halogen Moisture Analyzers, METTLER TOLEDO Professional Moisture Analyzers HX204 and HS153, Sartorius MA35, MA30, MA37, MA45, MA50, MA100. MA150 moisture balances, new Sartorius MA160, Sartorius Omnimark Mark2, Mark 3 HP, Mark 3 LTE Moisture Analyzer, DENVER (IR35, IR-60, IR120) and HFT-2000 #26008

#04008 compatible with Ohaus MB200 moisture balance, #26008 equivalent with Mettler 13865 , #36008 compatible with Ohaus MB200 moisture balance for a deep moisture pan [5 in, dia x 3/8 in. deep], #93008 tin-plate pan liner compatible with Mettler LP15, #80070 equivalent with Cenco Aluminum moisture pan for solids. Click the "More Info" link to see additional images and detailed specifications.

None of the moisture pans we offer fit the A&D Weighing moisture analyzer like the MS-70, ML-50, MF-50 or MX-50. A&D for some reason decided to made their moisture balances with a different diameter pan probably so you could only purchase replacement pans from A&D. Some clients have told use they purchase the disposable 70MM or 57MM smooth aluminum weigh dishes and place this pan on top of the reusable pan. This way they are throwing away the disposable pan verses the expensive reusable pans that cost between 70 to 90 cents each.

Product Spec Unit Size Quantity/Price
MOISTURE PAN FOR ADAM (AMB,PMB202,PMB53), METTLER(MJ33,HB43-S,HG63,HR83,HX204,HS153), SARTORIUS (MA30,MA35,MA45,MA50,MA100.MA150), OMNIMARK (Mark2, Mark 3 HP, Mark 3 LTE), OHAUS (MB23,MB25,MB35,MB45) DENVER (IR35,IR-60,IR120) #26008 More Info Case of 500
DEEP ALUMINUM MOISTURE PAN-Fits Ohaus MB200, some of the AZI Computrac Moisture Analyzers - 5" dia. x 3/8" deep #36008 More Info Case of 1000
OHAUS ALUMINUM MOISTURE PAN 4 3/4" dia. x 5/32" deep compatible with MB200 #04008 More Info Case of 1000

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