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Weigh Dishes

We at Precision Weighing Balances are truly pleased to be able to offer you all the lab equipment that you need at the smallest margin over cost that you will find on the net.  The highest quality disposable labware products at the lowest possible price.  We hope that you can use them in all your laboratory applications.

PLEASE NOTE: We require a minimum order of $500.00 of accessories to process your order.  Thank you for your cooperation.

We are only interested in supplying companies that can purchase in large volume.  Typically companies that do purchase in large volume can clearly see our products are equivalent to what they are purchasing from their present supplier, but just paying a lot more.  If you need a sample prior to placing an order we will charge you $35 "per sample" and if you later purchase a $500 order apply this $35 towards your first order.  Customers that pay $35 "per sample" and decide not to purchase $500 in disposable labware just spent $35 for the samples and this money is not refundable under any circumstance. .  We apologize but just too many people ask for free samples that we are tired of it, yet we don't what to lose the high volume buyers that are what we are targeting.

Product Spec Unit Size Quantity/Price
MOISTURE PAN FOR ADAM (AMB,PMB202,PMB53), METTLER(MJ33,HB43-S,HG63,HR83,HX204,HS153), SARTORIUS (MA30,MA35,MA45,MA50,MA100.MA150), OMNIMARK (Mark2, Mark 3 HP, Mark 3 LTE), OHAUS (MB23,MB25,MB35,MB45) DENVER (IR35,IR-60,IR120) #26008 More Info Case of 500
ALUMINUM FOIL DISH, CRINKLED, Holds 7.25 OZ, 5" TOP OUTER DIAMETER x 0.81" DEEP 80066-501 Case of 1000
MICRO HEXAGONAL POLYSTYRENE WEIGHING DISH 1 1/2" x 1" #25008 More Info 8 pk/500
ALUMINUM FOIL DISH, CRINKLED - Holds 1.8 ounces - 2" Top #80066-220 More Info Case of 1000
ALUMINUM FOIL DISH, CRINKLED - Holds 4 ounces - 3 1/4" Top #80066-423 More Info Case of 1000
ALUMINUM FOIL DISH, CRINKLED - Holds 14 OZ, 8" TOP - 80066-811 Case of 500
ALUMINUM FOIL DISH, CRINKLED, holds 20 OZ, 8" TOP OUTER DIAMETER x 1.14" DEPTH, #80066-816 Case of 500
DYN-A-DISH Anti-Static Weigh Canoe-Small 1 3/8" x 1 7/8" x 1/2" deep #15008 (12 packs of 250 per case) More Info 12 pk/250
DEEP ALUMINUM MOISTURE PAN-Fits Ohaus MB200, some of the AZI Computrac Moisture Analyzers - 5" dia. x 3/8" deep #36008 More Info Case of 1000
OHAUS ALUMINUM MOISTURE PAN 4 3/4" dia. x 5/32" deep compatible with MB200 #04008 More Info Case of 1000

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