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Dyna-Trans Double Mailers

Dyna-Trans Double Mailing Containers are the ideal combination of Aluminum Screw Cap Containers and Fiberboard Screw Cap Mailing Cases where a double type unit is required for the mailing of Etiologic Agents or Biohazard Specimens.  Ideal for use in State and Government Laboratories, Biotechnological Research and Industry.  Each Aluminum container is autoclavable and caps are lined to prevent linkage.  The Fiberboard Screw Cap Mailing Case is constructed of heavy duty Fiberboard with crimped metal rims and seamed metal bottoms.  Rims and metal caps are threaded for easy and secure closure.  The "DYNA-TRANS" Double Mailing Containers conform with the Interstate Quarantine Regulations (42 CFR, Part 72.25) for Etiologic Agents when appropriate Labeling and Absorbent packing Materials are utilized.  Common sizes readily available for immediate delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: We require a minimum order of $150.00 of disposable labware supplies (beakers, aluminum dishes, titration cups, etc) to process your order due to the low wholesale prices we offer.  The purchase of a balance/scale DOES NOT contribute to this $150 purchase requirement level.  So many people ignore our minimum purchase requirements that we no longer will bother to call you to say that you did not meet our sales level requirement and the order will just be deleted.  It's very simply when you buy in bulk you get the best price and if you can't buy in bulk you don't get the product.  It is no different than if you sneak into a Commodities Auction where they auction grain by the train carload and you want to buy a 1 pound bag of grain.

Our objective is to selling the disposable labware supplies to accounts that can purchase in volume.  The prices below are ridiculously low compared to the lab supply catalogs and we are looking for just the accounts that use LOTS of disposable.  People consistently call asking for samples and in our infancy we sent samples to pick up new accounts, but we can no longer do this.  We recommend that you purchase a smaller quantity from a laboratory supply catalog company like Fisher Scientific.  If you already have some disposable and just want to save $$ call us at 978-521-7095 with their part number and we will tell you what is our equivalent part number.  In many cases, the products we offer below are of equal or greater quality than what you get from the laboratory supply catalog companies.  The same manufacturer makes some of the products we offer and the product is identical for everything except their huge inflated price.

All items are readily available and typically shipped within 2 to 3 business days directly from the manufacturing plant.  The disposable labware is big and bulky and we only ship UPS Ground or common freight carrier and air service delivery is NOT AVAILABLE.  You can consider us brokers of disposable labware and to work on the minuscule margins we operate on our business is a game of logistics and quantity purchasing power.  We hope to serve if you can purchase in quantity a build a long-term relationship.  Pull out your recent invoice from your present supplier and we think your eyeballs will fall out of your head when you compare our price verses theirs.  The savings just many justify your boss giving you a bonus or doubling your salary.  The days of 300, 400 or 1000% markups on disposable labware are over for those companies that can purchase in bulk.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Staff at Precision Weighing Balances

Product Spec Unit Size Quantity/Price
1 3/4" x 7" Biohazard Double Mailer with Seamless Aluminum Can 1 1/2" x 6 3/8" Passes 95 kPa #83253 Case of 24
2 3/16" x 5 3/4" Biohazard Double Mailer with Seamless Aluminum Can 2" x 5 1/2" Passes 95 kPa #83256 Case of 24
2 3/4" x 6 1/4" Biohazard Double Mailer with Seamless Aluminum Can 2 1/2" x 6" Passes 95 kPa #83257 Case of 24
2" x 5" Biohazard Double Mailer with Seamless Aluminum Can 1 3/4" x 4 3/4" Passes 95 kPa #83255 Case of 50

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